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Get paid to leave a review.

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Leave a Review

Affordable Plastic Surgery Charlotte is a new business and they’ve asked us to help them get reviews. We’ll pay $5 for you to leave a review.

This task should take 2 minutes to complete.



1. Please click the button below, then click or tap a review to copy it (Ladies copy pink, men copy blue).



2. Paste the review in the “leave a review” section of the Affordable Plastic Surgery Google Reviews page.



3. Fill out the form below.

(Use the same name you’re using on your Google Account so we can identify your review, use your paypal email or cash app ID)




    Help a local business

    Would you like to get paid to leave a review? We’re helping local businesses get more reviews and we need your help.

    First, we’ll ask you to visit the business website so you know who you’re leaving a review for.

    * To save you time, read all of the instructions before beginning. You must use the search term we provide. 


    1. Click the button below to search Google. Remember the search term.



    2. Click on the following business in the search results:


    (Look on page 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 – it’s one of the only results with a phone #)


    3. Click on “services” in the top right of the website and choose the service you searched for.
    (example: if you searched for ‘rhinoplasty’ then choose the rhinoplasty service)


    4. Scroll down until you see the “Marketing by ClickFuzz” link and click on it. The next page will ask you to leave a review.


    Thank you for your help!

    Here are some other tasks we do for local businesses.

    Share a link

    Share a link or image of a local business on social media to help with exposure.

    Critique a Website

    Visit a local business website and tell us about your experience. Would you buy from this local business? Tell us why or why not.

    Post Posters

    For this task, we would send you 1-3 posters to put up on local bulletins or other local spaces.

    Leave a review

    Choose a business you’ve visited from a list we provide, leave a google review for that business.

    Visit a local business

    Choose a local business from a list, preferably one that you were going to visit anyways and provide feedback about the business.

    Pass out flyers

    For this type of task, we would either send you flyers or ask you to print the flyers. Pass out the flyers to friends, family or people passing by.

    Refer Friends

    Refer friends to Local Tasks so we can do more for our local businesses. We’ll pay for each friend you refer. (Only available for certain areas)

    And More…

    Types of tasks vary from business to business and from city to city. To learn about the tasks in your area, fill out the form and we’ll respond with the available tasks.

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