Local Tasks.

Get paid $15-$50 for easy tasks.

Earn extra cash.

Help A Local Business

Local businesses in your area need help with small tasks.


What kinds of tasks? It depends what the businesses in your area need. Most of the tasks are related to marketing and can be done from home, others may require you to travel a short distance. Most should take 10-20 minutes to complete and each task pays between $15 and $50.

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    Here are some examples of
    local tasks

    Share a link

    Share a link or image of a local business on social media to help with exposure.

    Critique a Website

    Visit a local business website and tell us about your experience. Would you buy from this local business? Tell us why or why not.

    Post Posters

    For this task, we would send you 1-3 posters to put up on local bulletins or other local spaces.

    Leave a review

    Choose a business you’ve visited from a list we provide, leave a google review for that business.

    Visit a local business

    Choose a local business from a list, preferably one that you were going to visit anyways and provide feedback about the business.

    Pass out flyers

    For this type of task, we would either send you flyers or ask you to print the flyers. Pass out the flyers to friends, family or people passing by.

    Refer Friends

    Refer friends to Local Tasks so we can do more for our local businesses. We’ll pay for each friend you refer. (Only available for certain areas)

    And More…

    Types of tasks vary from business to business and from city to city. To learn about the tasks in your area, fill out the form and we’ll respond with the available tasks.

    Ready to get started?

    Tell us where you are.